The purpose of Mishmash

Mishmash will facilitate collaborations between the members of the collective to offer integrated, value added experiences in terms of creativity, resources and international potential.

About Mishmash

Located in Montreal, Mishmash fulfills the vision of the investment company XPND Capital, and its XPNDCroissance fund, for a new, integrated, entertainment collective that specializes in the development of unique experiences. The group aims to promote the creativity and talent of Montreal and Quebec artisans by helping them shine on the international stage.

About Mishmash Media

Newly established, Mishmash Media is a member of the Mishmash collective whose mission is to bring Québec talent to the forefront nationally and internationally. The renowned Quebec media publications L’actualité and Voir have recently been acquired by Mishmash Media.

Voir l'Actualité

About XPND Capital

XPND Capital is a private equity firm focused on growth investments in exceptional Quebec-based companies. The firm invests in leading innovative companies operating in fast-growing industries. Our team brings together the experience and industry knowledge needed to help talented entrepreneurs accelerate growth and create fundamental value.

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Members of the collective

La Tribu

Productions Opéra Concept MP


606 Cathcart St., suite 1030, 10th floor, Montreal (Quebec), H3B 1K9

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