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We believe the interconnection of talents promotes the emergence of striking and memorable creations. We believe the confluence of business and culture constitutes an essential pillar in any society aspiring to prosperity. We believe in the power of imagination, audacity, and wonder. We are Mishmash and we strive to help local talent shine throughout the entire world.

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Productions Opéra Concept M.P.
La Tribu
Au Sommet Place Ville Marie
X3 Productions

Voir _

Voir is a monthly rendezvous for Québec culture aficionados. With its two distinct editions in Montréal and in Québec City, Voir magazine has been at the heart of artistic life for more than 30 years, acting as a bridge between creators in all fields and curious readers.

The monthly edition of Voir is a much-awaited rendezvous, and the cover is an event everyone talks about. Thanks to a well- established distribution network in businesses throughout various neighbourhoods, all 75,000 copies are sold within a few hours and reach more than 375,000 readers.

Voir is much more than a magazine. It is also voir.ca, a website that reaches hundreds of thousands of readers every month with a news feed that is updated hourly, a daily newsletter, and an active presence on social media.


Productions Opéra Concept M.P.

Productions Opéra Concept M.P. _

The Productions Opera Concept MP Inc aim at setting up innovative, contemporary and multidisciplinary projects in the field of opera.

For its first major production, Productions Opera Concept M.P. chose to revisit a masterpiece of the British progressive rock of the ’70, Another Brick in the Wall by Roger Waters.


La Tribu

La Tribu _

Founded in 1996, La Tribu is an enterprise at the forefront of the recorded music, performance arts and entertainment industries in Quebec and other French-speaking regions. In addition to managing various artists’ careers, La Tribu also acts as producer and distributor of shows and thematic content through festivals and a variety of venues. La Tribu has received over 25 Felix trophies from the industry along the years.

Au Sommet Place Ville Marie

Au Sommet Place Ville Marie _

The Observation Deck Au Sommet Place Ville Marie is located on the 46th floor of renowned Place Ville Marie and offers a unique 360° view in the heart of Montréal. The 44th floor boasts a breathtaking rooftop terrace where the bistro Les Enfants Terribles serves tasty, pleasurable meals.

With its inspiring spaces, luminosity, and central location, Au Sommet Place Ville Marie is a unique complex that provides a full range of activities such as yoga, sommelier courses, theme nights, guided historical tours, and so on. The Place Ville Marie Observation Deck offers an unparalleled view of Montréal, letting you witness the heartbeat of the city.


L'actualité _

With a track record of over 40 years, L’actualité is Canada’s leading French-language public affairs magazine. Covering subjects of general interest, it spotlights topical events in Québec and Canada, and also provides insightful views of the world and major developments. The magazine appeals to discerning individuals seeking high standards of rigour and excellence.

X3 Productions

X3 Productions _

X3 Productions is a Montreal-based creative company who has extensive expertise to offer turnkey project solutions that reflect the challenges faced by museums around the world. X3 Productions is committed to redefining the modern museum experience by developing and promoting interactive blockbuster touring museum exhibitions.

With a focus on creating innovative concepts, gathering unique collections and developing content-driven experiences, X3 aims to provide a new kind of museum experience, one that engages, educates and entertains visitors in innovative ways. For more information, visit x3productions.ca.


STAR WARS™ Identities
Indiana Jones™ and the Adventure of Archaeology

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Based in Montreal, Mishmash is the vision of the investment fund XPNDCroissance for a new integrated entertainment collective focused on developing unique experiences.

The collective aims to actively promote Montreal and Quebec talent, on a local and global scale.