Mishmash Média Acquires L’actualité

The magazine, a pillar in Quebec’s media landscape for over 40 years, will continue its mission which focuses on information, analysis and reflection.

Montreal, December 22, 2016 – Mishmash Média, member of the Mishmash experience collective, announces the acquisition of the magazine L’actualité, owned by Rogers Media since 1994. 

In September 2016, the private equity firm XPND Capital announced the creation of the Mishmash collective—a group of businesses from the sectors of culture, media and entertainment, whose goal is to promote Quebec talent on a global scale. The acquisition of L’actualité, one of the world’s prominent French-language publications, is perfectly aligned with this vision. This transaction also forms a valuable complement to the activities of two businesses that are part of XPND Capital’s portfolio: Communication Voir (editor of the magazine Voir) and Média Boutique (an innovative media-oriented platform for the monetization of exchange contracts with advertisers).     

In addition to exploiting the synergies generated through collaborations with other members of the collective, Mishmash will leverage the development of new business models, the growth of the brand L’actualité and the building of strategic alliances in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the magazine.  

Mishmash will also leverage the full potential of digital platforms while maintaining a strong focus on print. According to Alexandre Taillefer, Managing Partner at XPND Capital, print remains a key support for written media. E-platforms must therefore be used as a complementary resource as opposed to an alternative to print. “In a context showcasing a high level of media concentration and where certain social networks have become the main source of information for a large part of the population, L’actualité is one of Quebec’s media jewels and ensures a diversity of voices in Quebec media,” says Taillefer. 

“L’actualité is a historic title in the Quebec media landscape and Rogers Media is pleased it will continue serving its readers under strong, local ownership with XPND Capital,” says Steve Maich, SVP of Digital Content & Publishing, Rogers Media.

The Future of L’actualité 

Mishmash recognizes the essential role played by L’actualité in providing a means of reflection, analysis and criticism on issues relating to public affairs. The collective will thus continue to build upon the solid foundations set by the magazine’s editorial team over the past decades. “We warmly welcome Mishmash Média as our new owner and trust that the collective will endeavor to maintain the status of the magazine with French-speaking readers while bringing new energy to face today’s challenges,” states Carole Beaulieu, Editor in Chief of the last 18 years at L’actualité and strategic consultant for Mishmash Média.

Complementarity between the Magazines Voir and L’actualité

Mishmash’s short-term goal will be the pooling of certain functions of the magazines Voir and L’actualité. The two brands will nonetheless maintain independent editorial teams and directions in order to meet the expectations of the magazines’ specific reader bases who, although being different, are quite complementary.   

More Announcements to Come

The Mishmash team is in discussions with other businesses from the media and entertainment sectors and plans on welcoming new members into its group over the coming months.  

About Mishmash

Mishmash is an experience collective whose mission is to promote the talent of Montreal and Quebec artisans, on a local and international scale. The collective’s activities are focused in four sectors: media, production, events and entertainment hubs. The collective currently has four corporate members: La Tribu, Groupe Piknic Électronik, Productions Opéra Concept MP (producer of Another Brick in the Wall – The Opera) and Mishmash Média. The Mishmash collective is an initiative of XPND Capital—a Montreal-based private growth equity investment company. www.mishmash.ca | #mishmashmtl


Éric Albert, VP, Investments, XPND Capital 

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Press Release (English)

Communiqué de presse (français)

Mishmash Takes the Stage to Shine an International Spotlight on Montreal Creativity

XPND Capital Announces a Major Investment in Quebec's Cultural and Entertainment Sectors

Mishmash Takes the Stage to Shine an International Spotlight on Montreal Creativity

Montreal, Thursday, September 15, 2016 – XPND Capital, through its XPNDCroissance fund, announces the creation of Mishmash, an experience collective whose mission is to promote the cutting-edge, innovative spirit of Montreal and Quebec creators at the international level. The first members of Mishmash are La Tribu, Piknic Électronik Group and Productions Opéra Concept MP—producer of Another Brick In The Wall-The Opera.   

Mishmash will facilitate collaborations between the members of the collective to offer integrated, value added experiences in terms of creativity, resources and international potential. “Mishmash will act as a driving force enabling successful, local, cultural players to accelerate their growth by exporting their know-how around the world,” explains Alexandre Taillefer, XPND’s Managing Partner. 

15 to 20 million dollars in investments in culture 

Mishmash is consistent with the diversification strategy of XPND Capital and its XPNDCroissance fund. “Mishmash is perfectly aligned with XPND’s vision and positioning, which focus on injecting growth capital into innovative businesses. This is why we plan on investing 15 to 20 million dollars in the cultural and entertainment sectors over the next three years,” says Alexandre Taillefer. 

La Tribu, Piknic Électronik Group and Productions Opéra Concept MP: the collective’s founding members 

La Tribu and Piknic Électronik are iconic cultural successes in Montreal, while Productions Opéra Concept MP is undertaking its first production, Another Brick In The Wall-The Opera. The production is an operatic happening composed by Julien Bilodeau and staged by Dominic Champagne, and is inspired by Roger Waters’ legendary album The Wall. The production will premiere at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier on March 11, 2017, as part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations.  

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016, La Tribu stands at the forefront of the music, concert and entertainment industry in Quebec and francophone regions of the world. In addition to managing the career of many artists, La Tribu also produces and distributes shows and thematic content through festivals and its network of venues. Over the years, La Tribu has been honoured by the music industry with over 25 Félix awards. 

Founded in 2003, Piknic Électronik Group is behind two major events that have quickly set themselves apart through their innovative, cutting-edge nature—cultural events deeply rooted in Montreal thanks to their driving spirit and the quality of their artistic line-up: Piknic Électronik, Montreal’s weekly summer electronic music celebration; Igloofest, Montreal’s winter electronic music event set on the Quays of the Old Port.

“These first Mishmash investments speak to our goal of bringing together, accompanying and driving cultural leaders and talent creators towards new opportunities,” mentions Alexandre Taillefer.

Additional announcements over the coming months

The Mishmash team is in active discussions with other potential partners from the cultural and entertainment communities to recruit new members. “More than ever, the reunion of business and culture is an essential dimension for any prosperity-driven society. By investing in flagship cultural projects, we are sending a message to our local creators to continue growing their creative talent by fostering audacity and imagination,” explains Alexandre Taillefer. 

About Mishmash

In operation since September 2016, Mishmash is an experience collective whose mission is to actively promote Montreal and Quebec talent, on a local and global scale. Mishmash is part of XPNDCroissance, a Montreal-based private equity investment fund.   

www.mishmash.ca | #mishmashmtl 

Source: Éric Albert, VP, Investments, XPND Capital   

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